Watch the Beatles Let It Be

The documentary/concert film captures the Fab Four’s final public performance 40 years ago.

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Almost 40 years ago, in 1969, the Beatles trooped to the rooftop of their Savile Row studio and treated the people of London's finance and tailoring district to their last public performance. The Fab Four was at the end of a film project and needed some live footage to cap the movie. Other venues were suggested, including a Roman amphitheater in Tunisia. But the cold and windy top of central London had to suffice. A fresh look at the Beatles's farewell performance can transport you to the days when musicianship still mattered in rock-and-roll.

"If you ever want to find out just how good the Beatles were as a single unit, a live, four-piece, rock-and-roll band, just listen to the live recordings of the concerts on the roof," Ken Mansfield, former U.S. manager for Apple Records, says. The movie Let It Be won an Oscar for best music. You'll have to make some effort to see it now, though. The film is currently out of print, though used copies can be found on eBay for about $20 and slightly more on Amazon.