Try Your Hand at Pottery

The classic craft continues to attract new enthusiasts.

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So you've tried to get into the hipster knitting trend, but your fingers are just too clumsy for knit one, purl two. Why not give pottery a try? While the classic craft isn't as portable as knitting (you can't spin pottery while on the commuter train to work), it does offer some of the same satisfaction of working with your hands.

Pottery usually is a bit more challenging to learn on your own and typically involves heftier hardware, such as wheels and kilns, so you'll want to take advantage of whatever resources are in your area. Check with your community college, craft center, or museum for places that offer classes. You'll also need to choose which style you're interested in pursuing. Beginners are usually encouraged to start with "hand built" pottery, which can be made without a wheel. "Wheel thrown" offers more opportunities to create stylish vases and sculptures but also requires more skill.