Preserve That Nov. 5 Newspaper

A few precautions will help that memento of Obama’s victory last for generations.


A certain senator from Illinois was victorious November 4, but the next day, there was another big winner: newspapers. Jubilant crowds queued up at newsstands, eager for front pages blaring, "Change Has Come," "America Makes History," and, of course, "IT'S OBAMA."

To preserve that paper, get it deacidified. You can send it to a specialist—ask at your local library or historical society for recommendations—or do it yourself with a product called Bookkeeper ($50). (To buy, try a website such as Gaylord Brothers, Hollinger, Light Impressions, or Archival Methods.) Then, stick it in an enclosure made of Melinex, a clear polyester that looks like plastic. Carrie Christoffersen of the Newseum in Washington, D.C., recommends keeping the package somewhere with a consistent temperature, like the hall closet or under the guest bed.