Get Your News Online

That way you’ll get your news faster and maybe even save a few trees.

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Getting your news and literature digitally might just be as good for the environment as it is for your pocket. You benefit directly, because most websites offer free access, and you also get the breaking news updates and value-added features like podcasts and videos.

Reading online helps the planet because it reduces your carbon footprint, which essentially is the amount of pollution you contribute to the world. In addition to sparing trees that might have been pulped for paper, reading online also avoids the environmental costs of paper recycling plants, printing presses, and, of course, the transportation costs of delivering all of those copies to newsstands and homes, most of which quickly end up in the trash.

New technology, including the iPhone and Amazon's Kindle device, makes paperless reading easier on the eyesight, so getting your news digitally should become even more practical.