Buy Laptops for Kids

The One Laptop Per Child and Give Many programs make it affordable to spread technology.

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The idea was to make an insanely affordable lap-top and get it into the hands of the world's poorest children. It would be durable and energy-efficient and designed just for kids. Soon, educational revolution would follow. For years, One Laptop per Child struggled to produce laptops it aimed to give low-income kids. But Chairman Nicholas Negroponte says change is afoot now, thanks to falling tech prices.

For $199, you can provide a laptop to a student in one of the world's 50 poorest countries; details can be found at And if you or your company decide to give computers in bulk (100 or more), you can choose which community will receive the devices through OLPC's Give Many program.

Negroponte says computers aren't just good for the kids; they help the entire community, through kids teaching parents to read and revitalizing the idea of learning. "Children are becoming agents of change," he says.