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A coalition of New York-area groups rally for immigration reform in New York City.

Why Obama Still Can Act to Halt Deportations

Without action on immigration, Democrats could face low Latino turnout.

Russia’s 'Brutal Intervention' in Ukraine

Poland worries about Cold War 2.0 as U.S. sends new aid, military equipment to Ukraine.

Scientists Discover 'Earth-Like' Planet

The planet, 500 light years away, is about 1.1 times Earth's size and may hold liquid water.

Chris Christie Remains Afloat

The New Jersey governor isn't dead in the water quite yet.

Study: Football Players’ Brains Need More Heal Time

Football players sustain hundreds of hits a season – but as few as 10 can cause brain damage.

Was Edward Snowden Working for a Foreign Government?

A former British defense secretary says Snowden's path resembles a trail to treason. 

The Secret Recordings of Susana Martinez

The New Mexico governor is caught on tape denigrating teachers and cursing her opponent.

Why US Airways Didn't Fire Its Twitter Handler

The airline's NSFW Twitter mistake is different from past corporate social media snafus.

Group: Iran Testing U.S. with U.N. Nominee

Clerics are likely trying to see how far they can push.