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Clockwise, top left: Senate Majority PAC ads against GOP Senate candidates state Rep. Thom Tillis, Rep. Cory Gardner, Rep. Bill Cassidy and Rep. Tom Cotton.

Democrats' Answer to the Obamacare Attacks

To counter the GOP’s most damaging charge in 2014, the party is dusting off an old playbook.

Pot Legalizers Hit D.C. Streets

Green light for petitioning moves legalization closer to voters, who polls show back the effort.

Supreme Court Reviews Election Speech Case

The Obama administration supported anti-Obamacare groups' bid to challenge false statement ban.

U.S. Sends Airborne Infantry to Russian Front Door

Soldiers to train NATO allied forces; more than just symbolism, Pentagon spokesman says. 

Some Tea Partiers Still Back Boehner

The nationalized tea party might be railing against him, but Boehner has conservative support in Ohio.

Supreme Court: States Can Ban Affirmative Action

The ruling doesn't widely outlaw affirmative action, but allows states to choose to do so.

Paul's Latest Stop to Expand the GOP Brand

The Kentucky senator finds himself in another big city surrounded by minorities.

Apple Cleans Up Its Act

The tech giant says it has taken big steps toward a cleaner environmental footprint.

Democrats Go on Offensive on Keystone

For Democrats facing tough elections, the pipeline may give them the ammunition they need.