U.S. News & World Report Online Strategy Leads to Record Growth in 2013

U.S. News & World Report Online Strategy Leads to Record Growth in 2013

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Washington, D.C. – Jan. 21, 2014 – In its 80th year, U.S. News & World Report saw record traffic growth and expansion across its digital properties. Visitors to usnews.com increased by 50 percent in 2013, with a monthly average of 20 million unique visitors.* With a focus on helping people make smarter decisions in life and work, U.S. News experienced company-wide growth with the release of new content, products and events last year.

2013 was distinguished by web traffic growth across all areas of usnews.com. Notably, the mid-September release of the 2014 Best Colleges rankings broke all web traffic records, drawing 2.6 million unique visitors and 18.9 million page views to usnews.com in a single day.

U.S. News’ Best Cars website, which was introduced in 2007, grew both in popularity and influence. Over 40 million people came to the site last year to research their next car purchase – and 80 percent of them reported that the U.S. News recommendations influenced their car purchasing decision.

Visits to the U.S. News Health website, which is focused on helping consumers navigate complex health care decisions, grew by over 70 percent in 2013. The new Health Insurance section helps Americans choosethe right health insurance for their needs – whether it’s an individual, family or Medicare plan. The new U.S. News Doctor Finder, a collaboration with San Mateo, CA-based Doximity, helps Americans compare more than 700,000 practicing physicians.

U.S. News grew its suite of editorial and product offerings across the company in 2013. In Education, U.S. News announced the Arab Region University Directory, a long-termproject to develop a series of rankings for universities across the Middle East and North Africa, as well as a new ranking of theBest Colleges for Veterans. Two new travel tools, theBest Travel Rewards Programs and the Best Cruises, added new consumer recommendations to the U.S. News Travel website.

Leveraging its rich data assets, U.S. News released a new Hospital Data Insights (“HDI”) platform, designed for hospital executives and administrators, which provides access to U.S. News archived rankings and data on more than 3,000 hospitals in the United States. The launch of HDI follows the successful rollout of Academic Insights, a similar platform that features historical data and trends in U.S. News colleges and universities.

The company also expanded its role engaging leaders in government, industry, health care, science and education to find solutions to issues of national importance, such as STEM and health care. Following two years of success with its annual STEM Solutions conference, U.S. News launched the Hospital of Tomorrow event, which gathered over 500 hospital executives, medical experts, and policymakers for three days of discussions on pressing health care issues and best practices.

“We have successfully transitioned into a brand that thrives online,” said Bill Holiber, president and chief executive officer of U.S. News & World Report. “We experienced tremendous traffic growth, expansion and profitability across all areas of our site in 2013, but what’s remarkable is that the scale has not diminished the quality of our audience. In fact, the high-quality demographics of our audience have improved.”

“The data, information, and in-depth analysis that U.S. News is known for continues to be valuable online as consumer media habits change,” said Brian Kelly, editor and chief content officer of U.S. News. “Our audience comes to usnews.com looking to make an important decision, from choosing a college or finding a doctor to researching the best mutual funds to invest in or car to purchase. Whether it’s the latest health care news or jobs report, we’re also providing the context to help our audience make decisions in all areas of their lives.”

* Source: Omniture and Google Analytics

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