Global Classrooms Use Technology to Prep Students for Workforce

Technologies from touch screens to cloud computing are changing higher education on a global scale.

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"We look at how technology is affecting and influencing different areas, and how people are adapting to it," Ceballos says.

While Hyper Island is a digital school, its classrooms are not outfitted with the latest in education technology. Students bring their own computers, and the school provides cameras, lighting studios, and a broadband connection. They find all other digital technology on the Internet for free.

"We want to show them that anyone can start their own company. If they have to buy all this software, it’s a big investment," Frelin says. "We show them where to find the tools."

Because tools change as quickly as students learn them, Hyper Island encourages students to pick one and experiment, then move on to another without hesitation, she adds.

"Just jump into the digital pool,” Frelin says. "In the worst case you get wet, but hey, how bad is that?"