Top World Universities

A global economy increasingly requires a global education. Students can learn valuable business and life skills by stepping outside of their comfort zone and studying in a foreign country. With some of the top universities in the world located in places such as the United Kingdom, China, Switzerland and Australia, students can get a first-class education almost anywhere in the world.

Explore the World’s Top Universities

A global, high-tech economy is helping fuel the rise in international education, experts say.

In Photos: Top Universities Around the World

Whether you are looking to study abroad or complete a degree, schools in these countries provide a top-notch education.

Undergrads Around the World Face Student Loan Debt

Student debt is not unique to the United States, but financial aid systems vary around the world.

Arab Region University Directory

This U.S. News directory includes more than 800 universities from 19 countries in the Middle East and North Africa region.

Top Universities in Asia Offer Prestige, Business Skills

National universities in Japan, China and Singapore are among the most prestigious schools in Asia.

Infographic: International Students at U.S. Universities

Find out which U.S. schools offer international students the most financial aid and more.

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