University of Minnesota—​Twin Cities

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Distinguishing Characteristics

Graduate program(s)
Name: Department:
Master of Computer Science (MCS) Computer Science and Engnineering
Master of Science in Computer Science (MSCS) Computer Science and Engnineering
Distinguishing characteristics of online program (as submitted by school)

The University of Minnesota’s Department of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) is a star in the University’s College of Science and Engineering. It’s one of the nation’s top research departments, with award winning faculty members, students, and successful, accomplished alumni. As the field of computing plays an increasingly major role in practically all disciplines, the department is poised for exciting growth in its educational and research missions.

School type Public
Terms Semester

Program Offerings

Online master's in computer information technology programs N/A
Concentrations offered
More specialized departments/concentrations offered

Course Offerings

Credit-granting courses N/A


Instructional faculty that teach courses accessible online N/A
Instructional faculty with Ph.D. or terminal degree N/A
Tenured or tenure-track faculty N/A
Average experience teaching online courses N/A
Program fully finances faculty training N/A
Tech staff supporting faculty N/A

Class Size

Average class size N/A
Maximum class size N/A

Integration With Campus

Can earn degree entirely online Yes
Can earn degree entirely abroad N/A
Possible in-person attendance requirements
Orientations No
Group projects/simulations No
Exams No
Classes include campus-based students Yes
Students enroll as online students Yes, they are bound to courses as online students after enrollment
Credits earned online equal earned on-campus Yes
Faculty who teach online also teach on campus All
Same curricula for online and campus students All


One-year retention rates N/A


Graduation rates N/A
Most frequent duration of time for new students to graduate N/A
Program target time to graduate N/A
Required time to earn degree 5 years

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