School FAQs: Best Online Programs Rankings

Get answers to questions about the Best Online Programs rankings.

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1. Why is U.S. News ranking online education programs? 

U.S. News believes online learning is fast becoming an integral part of all types of education, including higher education, and that consumers are hungry for information related to online degrees. Please see U.S. News Editor Brian Kelly's note for more information. 

2. Is it possible to change the directory information published as part of the U.S. News online degree program website? 

The information presented in the online degree program directory and rankings was collected during the summer and fall of 2013 for the U.S. News annual statistical survey of online degree programs. Before contacting U.S. News to request a change to the directory data, please contact your school's institutional research office (or the equivalent) or persons who completed one of the six online surveys. 

There were separate online surveys conducted for online master's degree level programs in business, computer information technology, education, engineering and nursing, and for the online bachelor's degree programs. 

The person(s) who completed the U.S. News annual online degree program statistical survey or surveys should then review the data in question and, if need be, contact us to request a change. 

Change requests should be submitted by email to Your email must include your institution name, name of the discipline (e.g., computer information technology), a link to where the incorrect information is published on, the survey question number(s) for which you are requesting a change, the incorrect information and the correct information. 

Updating the online degree directory once the surveys have gone through the verification process is time-consuming. Corrections normally take about four to eight weeks to implement. We appreciate your patience. 

3. I have a question about the data used in the Best Online Programs rankings or published as part of the online degree program website. Whom should I contact? 

Please send your inquiry via email to

4. I have a question about the Best Online Programs rankings or the methodologies used to compute these online degree program rankings. Whom should I contact? 

Please send your inquiry via email to

5. How can I request additional unpublished rankings information about the Best Online Programs rankings? Whom should I contact? 

Please send your inquiry via email to

6. How do I access the entire Best Online Programs rankings data set for this year and the previous year? 

A subscription to our proprietary software, U.S. News Academic Insights, allows you to access and download historical U.S. News survey and rankings data. For more information, please contact

7. Our school was ranked in the Best Online Programs rankings. How can we advertise our ranking through U.S. News? 

There are many advertising opportunities through U.S. News. Please visit our school marketing center for more information. 

8. How do I order reprints? 

Custom reprints are full-color reproductions of articles specially formatted for your business or organization. Reprints or e-prints of the Best Online Programs articles and rankings are available from our licensing agent, Wright's Media. For more information, please contact Wright's Media at 877-652-5295 or

9. May we use a graphic – such as the U.S. News logo or the Best Online Programs badge – to promote our Best Online Programs ranking? 

U.S. News will offer badges for the 2014 Best Online Programs rankings. These badges will be available to the highly ranked schools for promotional purposes. All schools eligible for the 2014 Best Online Programs badges are listed on the Badge-Eligibility page

Wright's Media is handling all badge distribution and licensing for use in electronic media, print media and reprints; a fee will be charged for all such uses. All badge-usage questions should be directed to Wright's at or 877-652-5295. Please visit for more information about using your U.S. News badge(s) in promotional efforts.