5 Ways Online Students Can Impress Recruiters Virtually

Online students should watch their grammar when interacting with employers at virtual career fairs.

Students should pick a quiet place when they interact with recruiters online.
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"There are still some people who aren't familiar with online degrees," he says. "It still ends up being a problem for some people. So, they may have to have an example of something they did in their online program which is as good or better than in their on-campus degree."

4. Find a quiet place: Before online students begin communicating with employers or recruiters through online chat or video, it's important to eliminate any distractions, experts say.

Barking dogs, crying babies and ringing cellphones can cause people to lose their train of thought. During video chats on services such as Skype, the sounds can also become distractions to recruiters, says Steinfeld of NYU.

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5. Arrive on time: Guyett, the student at Kaplan, always shows up early to her appointments at virtual career fairs.

There's a small box that appears on the screen when people log in, she says, so recruiters can tell when someone is late.

"I would suggest getting there early," she says. "You need to have time to call tech support if something goes wrong."

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