Online MBA Programs May Offer Easier Admissions Path

U.S. News statistics show that students are admitted to online b-school programs at higher rates.

At the 10 highest ranked business schools with online MBA programs, the average acceptance rate for 2012 was 64 percent.
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Although in general it may be easier for older, nontraditional students to get into online MBA programs than their brick-and-mortar counterparts, admission into the top online programs is still quite competitive, school officials say.

Take the case of Indiana University. The school's full-time MBA program, ranked No. 22 in the country, has an acceptance rate of 39 percent, according to data provided to U.S. News. Its online counterpart, ranked third, has an acceptance rate of 76 percent.

Powell says those numbers are misleading, since the full-time program attracts more international students, whose academic credentials are extraordinary.

When you compare domestic online MBA students and domestic face-to-face MBA students, the candidate profile is very similar, he says. Taking international students out of the equation, he says, the online program has an acceptance rate that is only five to 10 percentage points higher than its on-campus counterpart.

Powell has participated in the admissions process for both online and in-person MBA students and says he approaches each slightly differently.

"When I'm interviewing an applicant for a full-time program, I'm asking myself, 'Is this person going to get a job in two years?'" he says. "When I'm talking to an online MBA student, I'm asking myself, 'Is this person going to be motivated to perform in a way that will accelerate his or her ability to move up in his company?'"

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