Consider Online College Courses in High School

Taking online courses can help high school students cut college costs.

More high school students are enrolling in programs to earn simultaneous credit for high school and college courses, experts say.

LeMoine, for example, is betting his college courses will help him get into the school of his choice.

"I want to present myself as best I can when I actually get into college," he says. "The more classes that I take that are advanced, the more I get noticed."

But experts warn that taking an online course can also turn into a liability for students who don't perform well. Your college transcript, they warn, can follow you forever.

"Sometimes students think that because the course is online it's not as important or it's easier somehow," Livingston says. "What they will find very quickly is that if you don't treat an online course with the same seriousness with which you approach an in-person class, you will fail quickly and horribly. It's not class-light. It's class-different."

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