4 Ways to Make a Good Impression in Online Classes

Good online course etiquette requires keeping writing professional and courteous, experts say.

 Students should ensure their comments on class discussion boards have a professional tone, experts say.
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"You should think in terms of a business email and not a text message or Facebook post," says James Porter, a professor who teaches online courses at Miami University—Oxford. "You use 'please' and 'thank you.' You sign your email. You use names when appropriate."

4. Don't share personal details: Discussion boards are great places to share tips for solving math equations, but they are not the place to discuss a recent breakup, experts say.

"Students forget that this is a public forum," says Mattes of Harrisburg. "They may say things that are way too personal, casual or inappropriate."

It is fine for students to form connections with classmates, faculty members say. But when a discussion turns personal, it's time to take it offline.

The same rules apply to email, experts say. Unless a student has established a close relationship with an instructor, it's best to keep communication professional.

"I sometimes get emails from students telling me their whole life story," says Palloff, the instructor and author. "I really don't need to hear all of that."

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