3 Tips for Expectant Parents Considering an Online Degree

Before signing up for an online degree, consider taking a single course.

 Parents-to-be should investigate drop-out policies before enrolling in online courses, experts say.
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Babb suggests that new parents take courses they are confident they will be able to tackle.

"Avoid math and statistics classes," Babb says. The highest dropout rate she says she sees is in students who have a major life event during a math or statistics course.

Students should also consider the number of courses they plan to take after having children, experts say. One course might be manageable, but taking several while caring for an infant would be a challenge for many.

Witzler, who had her baby during her doctorate program, says she was thankful that she was only taking one course the semester after she gave birth.

"It was great timing," she says. "I just powered through."

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