Top MBA Programs Embrace Online Education

A growing number of highly ranked schools are starting online MBA programs.

Many top ranked business schools are moving their courses online.
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Though there's been increased interest in developing comprehensive online programs among the business school community, some top schools firmly believe that online methods remain insufficient. For instance, Harvard Business School, which tops U.S. News's rankings of Best Business Schools, does not have an online program and maintains that one won't be in place in the near future.

"Although we certainly recognize the increase in popularity and availability of online MBA programs it is not a consideration for Harvard Business School because of the nature of our teaching pedagogy," the school said in a statement.

"Harvard Business School uses the case method—a discussion-based approach to teaching and learning. It requires people to be together discussing the details of the case and talking back and forth presenting different points of view. The interaction between participants is a critical element of the learning process and technology has not yet advanced to a stage where it is possible to replicate that interaction at the scale needed for a robust case discussion."

Ryan Lytle contributed to this report.

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