Online Degrees: Learn More Before You Enroll

For-profit institutions are under regulatory scrutiny. Know the facts before you apply.

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[Use these six tips to find the right online instructors.] 

Much of this information is difficult to access or is currently kept behind the curtain at for-profit institutions, but some online education leaders are pushing for transparency. The Presidents Forum—a group of prominent online schools including Capella University and Kaplan University—launched a website that provides those considering online degree with information on a program-by-program basis. And other schools may follow suit—DeVry insists that amid the recent pressure it is open to working with the government to give students the tools they need to make informed decisions. "We will continue working with the Department of Education and Congress to develop the best solutions for all students," Parrott says. "We welcome and encourage prospective students to ask any and all questions regarding an institution's ability to prepare them for career success."

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