Online Education Scholarships Help Parents Return to School

Project Working Mom 2010 funds parents’ further education.


Both Herrera and Serrano say that they not only enjoy being back in school but also love being strong role models for their children. MacDermott of says this has been true for many parents pursuing a degree through online programs. "These scholarship recipients fall in love with learning and have a renewed interest in learning for learning's sake. This impacts their parenting by showing the message that education is important." 

Since it launched in January 2008, Project Working Mom has sent more than 150 working parents back to school through more than $6 million in full-tuition scholarships. The Project Working Mom 2010 scholarships have three separate deadlines: March 1, April 27, and September 30. The program will distribute close to 100 scholarships in each round, and applicants who aren't selected in one round can reapply for the next. Those who win a scholarship will be notified within a month after the deadline. To apply, go to, select the degree program and the school of interest, and write a short personal essay. No GPA or SAT scores are required. 

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