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How to Choose the Best High School for Your Child

Parents should consider diversity, community, and programs when choosing high schools for their kids.

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"I came to Anderson 11 years ago, and it was amazing to me how many parents you see during the day," she notes. "At any given time, there are parents helping with this, or running copies, or running the [school] bookstore."

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Landers, of the National PTA, says that parents should ask how they can get involved when they are deciding on their kids' high school.

"Find out, first and foremost, is there a PTA? Is there a parent group where you can become more involved?" she says. "It will help you know more about the school, the administration, [and] the teachers so you can successfully navigate your child through perhaps the most important schooling they're going to have."

The Clemons family strongly believes in parent engagement, too. Not only should parents visit schools in person when deciding on schools, but Erik says they should continue that involvement throughout the students' entire educational careers.

"Engage the school system on every level," he suggests. "Be at every meeting, so that you're seen and heard such that the district and the specific school take you seriously. My wife and I modeling that for our children implicitly lets them know that this is serious."

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