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Best High Schools: Smallest Enrollment

These are the schools within America's Best High Schools with the smallest enrollments.

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School Name and Location Current Medal Status Enrollment
Career Enrichment Center Albuquerque, NM Bronze 16
Opheim High School Opheim, MT Bronze 21
Garfield at Palouse High School Palouse, WA Bronze 34
Hysham High School Hysham, MT Bronze 40
Child's Way Charter School Culp Creek, OR Bronze 40
Bonesteel-Fairfax High School Bonesteel, SD Bronze 40
Highwood High School Highwood, MT Bronze 43
Pittsburg School (High) Pittsburg, NH Bronze 44
Roy High Roy, NM Bronze 47
Bridgewater High School Bridgewater, SD Bronze 48
Mullin High School Mullin, TX Bronze 48
North Gem Senior High School Bancroft, ID Bronze 50
Jordan Valley High School Jordan Valley, OR Bronze 50
Cold Stream Alternative Truckee, CA Bronze 52
White Lake High School White Lake, SD Bronze 52
Leggett Valley High Leggett, CA Bronze 53
Stanford High School Stanford, MT Bronze 53
Mcintosh High School McIntosh, SD Bronze 55
Palco High Palco, KS Bronze 56
Stratford Public School (High) North Stratford, NH Bronze 57
Broadview High School Broadview, MT Bronze 59
Springer High Springer, NM Bronze 59
Edgemont High School Edgemont, SD Bronze 59
Murtaugh High School Murtaugh, ID Bronze 60
Burnt River School Unity, OR Bronze 60
Armour High School Armour, SD Bronze 60
St. Regis High School St Regis, MT Bronze 61
Encampment High School Encampment, WY Bronze 61
Margaret Harris High School Atlanta, GA Bronze 62
Munich High School Munich, ND Bronze 62
Westhope High School Westhope, ND Bronze 63
Centerville High School Groveton, TX Bronze 63
Emery High School Emery, SD Bronze 64
Bridger High School Bridger, MT Bronze 65
Drake High School Drake, ND Bronze 65
Phelps High Phelps, WI Bronze 65
North Shore High School Makoti, ND Bronze 66
Kulm High School Kulm, ND Bronze 66
Lake Preston High School Lake Preston, SD Bronze 66
Flagler Senior High School Flagler, CO Bronze 67
Academy for Mathematics, Science, and Engineering Rockaway, NJ Bronze 67
West Yellowstone High School West Yellowstone, MT Bronze 68
Glidden High Glidden, WI Bronze 68
Technology and Leadership Academy Gilbert, AZ Bronze 69
Divernon High School Divernon, IL Bronze 69
Big Sandy High School Big Sandy, MT Bronze 70
Spray School Spray, OR Bronze 70
Knox City High School Knox City, TX Bronze 70
Lincoln High School Lincoln, MT Bronze 71
Pingree-Buchanan High School Pingree, ND Bronze 71
Max High School Max, ND Bronze 71