Student Profiles

Find out how nearly 50 high school seniors made their way through the college admissions process alive. These students provide insight on everything from writing essays to acing interviews.

Class of 2013 High School Student Profiles.

Graduates of North Carolina's Needham B. Broughton High School share their college admissions processes.

Alexander "Ryan" Hudson—Wake Forest University

Appealed for more financial aid

Tuang Vaan—Wake Technical Community College

Chose a cheaper alternative

Class of 2012 High School Student Profiles.

Graduates of Somerville High School near Boston recap the college admissions process.

Tania Ahmed—Wellesley College

Focused on sciences

Norman Li—Boston College

Paying more out of pocket

Zachary Sciuto—Syracuse University

Applying to college early

Johnson Thomas—Salve Regina University

Choosing sports and academics

Students from Montgomery Blair High School in Silver Spring, Md., share their application and acceptance processes.

Laura Anthony—University of Pennsylvania

Making the commitment early

Robert 'Kit' Durban—Boston University

Looking ahead to a Ph.D.

Eli Okun—Brown University

Not too big, not too small

Graduating seniors from Sumner Academy of Arts and Science in Kansas City, Kan., detail their college process.

Carlos Fernández—Kansas

Not accepting consolation

Pamela Williams—Baylor

Taking no chances

Alyssa Jones—Kansas State

Brain overruling heart

Nashville-based Martin Luther King Jr. Magnet High School grads tell their stories and dish out admissions tips.

Jake Rudin—Cornell

Taking a structured approach

Rose Wang—Harvard

Giving yourself options

Delaney Roberts—Hendrix

Finding the perfect fit

Ashley Lowe—Kettering

Making the college come to you

Amber Jackson—Princeton

Showing some passion pays off

John Young—Tennessee

Making in-state work for you

Charlie Xie—Vanderbilt

Preparing for obstacles

Rich Rosenberg—Maryland

Making the tough choices

Eight students from Walnut Hills High School in Cincinnati told us back in 2008 how they made it to college.

Ann Cheng—Harvard

Working Harvard's wait list

Matt Jaroszewicz—Brown

Going the extra mile

Joseph Steiner—Indiana

Pulling out all the stops

Cassie Hazelip—Michigan

Starting early

Lindsey Daniels—RIT

Finding the perfect fit

Scott Hornblower—Wabash

Wanting to feel wanted

Mike Strickland—Columbia

Figuring all the angles

Jourdan Bosley—Warren Wilson

Digging deeper to find what fits

Johan Ospina—Boston University

Used international background

Fiona Dunn—Savannah College of Art and Design

Connected with admissions director

James Hemphill—United States Naval Academy

Connected with recruiting coaches

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