Build a Network on Campus as a Community College Student

Joining student organizations is one way community college students can stay engaged outside of class.

Community college students

Many community college students are inclined to leave campus once their classes are over, which limits their networking options, one expert says.

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3. Join campus activities: Becoming involved with school clubs are another easy way to meet students who have a shared interest, experts say. 

"Everyone involved in a club or organization has the same goal," Olivo says. "The common purpose is to help students be successful in college." Community college experts encourage students to lean toward clubs that match topics they favor. Someone interested in biology can join the biology club, for example.

Because these clubs often have a faculty adviser, they can help students meet professors and other school leaders who can enhance their network, Leenhouts says. And because clubs usually don't meet during class time, joining one can increase a student's time on campus. Maximizing time spent at school is an important part of the community college experience, Leenhouts says. It's also key for networking, which can be beneficial for years to come.

"Those networks extend," he says. "You don't see those networks extinguished." 

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