10 More Twitter Handles for Scholarship Seekers

Learn about some other useful accounts to follow if you're trying to find college cash.

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The Scholarship Coach published our list last fall of 10 Twitter handles to help with your college scholarship search. Since then, the service has continued to grow with no signs of stopping, and there are even more resources out there to help with your scholarship search, 140 characters at a time.

First things first: If you're applying for scholarships from a specific company, organization, or department at your school, it's a great idea to follow its Twitter account. You'll get an informal glimpse into the culture and the important issues, and Twitter can also be a great way to find answers to your questions. In addition, these 10 resources can help out during every stage of your search for scholarships and financial aid.

1. @FAFSA: This is the official account of Federal Student Aid, the U.S. government's financial-aid arm. Along with its new studentaid.gov website, this is an absolutely essential resource for college funding basics.

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2. @PayingForSchool: Fastweb is one of the leading scholarship search sites in the country; this is its official Twitter presence, and it features plenty of scholarship info, along with entertaining discussions and expert help.

3. @CollegeBoard: College Board is the publisher of the SAT standardized tests; on Twitter and at its new bigfuture.org website, it also offers college advice, answers to your questions, and stories from real students.

4. @volunTEENnation: Volunteering can be crucial to your scholarship chances, and VolunTEEN Nation posts frequent volunteer opportunities and community service-oriented scholarships.

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5. @CollegeNET: CollegeNET's unique scholarship program allows users of the site's discussion forum to vote for weekly winners, and its Twitter account will help you keep up on all the conversations.

6. @DebtFreeScholar: Blogger Nate Desmond has been writing about scholarships, financial aid, and student loans since 2009, and offers a ton of practical, real-world advice for students and parents.

7. @CollegeWeekLive: The "world's largest college fair," CollegeWeekLive brings together admissions, financial aid, and scholarship experts regularly; follow CollegeWeekLive on Twitter to ensure you don't miss an event.

And, finally, there are a few accounts we've mentioned here before that deserve a recap:

8. @Scholarshipscom: This one bears repeating, not only for their frequent and thorough scholarship listings, but because its "Short And Tweet" scholarship program actually awards $1,000 scholarships for your Twitter posts.

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9. @USNewsEducation: If you're a fan of The Scholarship Coach, you should keep an eye on our publishers at U.S. News for even more expert blogs, advice, college rankings, and news.

10. @ScholAmerica: Last, but certainly not least, don't forget to follow Scholarship America on Twitter. Not only do we post regular scholarship news and opportunities, but we link to every new Scholarship Coach post so you don't miss a week.

Did we miss any of your favorite scholarship or financial aid Twitterers? Let us know additional resources in the comments, or send us a Tweet @ScholAmerica!

Matt Konrad has been with Scholarship America since 2005. He is an alumnus of the University of Minnesota and a former scholarship recipient.