Trail Mix: Today's College News

What happened with colleges around the world on Wednesday.

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Here's a rundown of the biggest stories in collegeland on Wednesday:

- Huffington Post has a photo gallery of the "craziest" internships. If you're like me, your first reaction was probably, "What makes an internship crazy?" Well, how about embalming bodies? Meeting the Pope? Those are two, and there are other good ones.

- The Chronicle of Higher Education reports that many young adults mired in poverty have college degrees. The study, done by the Institute for Higher Education Policy, said that in 2008, among Americans ages 18 to 26 whose total household income was near or below the federal poverty level, 47 percent were currently or had previously been enrolled in college.

- Hofstra University has a new medical school, the New York Times reports. The Long Island, N.Y., school will start accepting applicants to enroll in August 2011.

- People are starting to get antsy for the NCAA's official findings from its investigation of University of Southern California athletics. The Los Angeles Times explains why the process is taking so long.

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