Stanford Accepted Fraudulent Student After Harvard Expelled Him

Adam Wheeler left a trail of schools in his wake of lies, and Stanford is one of them.

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Believe it or not, the Adam Wheeler saga just got even more interesting. In a tale of alleged deceit, lies, and fraud, several prestigious universities—Harvard and Bowdoin among them—were fooled by Wheeler, a 23-year-old from Delaware. Prosecutors in Wheeler's case before a Massachusetts court say that Stanford can add its name to the list of schools Wheeler fooled.

Prosecutors say Wheeler was accepted to Stanford as a transfer student for the 2010-2011 school year, just after Harvard had expelled him in October, the Associated Press reports. A detective investigating Wheeler told the California school about the allegedly fraudulent applicant, according to court documents.

Upon finding out about their under-investigation acceptee, Stanford rescinded its offer of admission from Wheeler, who is indicted on 20 counts of larceny, identity fraud, and other charges, the AP says.

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