Trail Mix: Today's College News

What happened on college campuses around the world.


Here's a rundown of the biggest stories in collegeland on Tuesday:

- Huffington Post released a damning investigation that found that elite colleges can earn millions of dollars by selling the names of students and alumni to credit card companies and granting the companies access to school events.

- A growing number of colleges and universities are allowing—and even encouraging—pets on campus, the New York Times reports. There's a great anecdote from Stephens College in Missouri, where the school is renovating a dorm to become pet-ready. Students will be able bring pets and live in the pet-specific dorm, which will have a kennel on the first floor that is run by work-study students.

- A Williams College student died in an avalanche in the Alps this weekend. The Boston Globe has the story.

- Here's a nice roundup of all the Pac-10 expansion stories that are buzzing around the Internet.

- New York University is trying a new approach to explain financial aid to families, the Chronicle of Higher Education reports.

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