Trail Mix: Today's College News

Friday's college news roundup from around the world.


Even with most college students home for the summer, a lot happened in the college world today. Catch up on some of the latest news.

- Wal-Mart has a new program that will allow its workers to receive college credit and a tuition discount from American Public University, an online college based in Charles Town, W.Va., the Associated Press reports.

- Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor is expected to make good on a promise to visit her mother's alma mater, Hostos Community College in Brooklyn, and deliver the school's commencement address, the New York Times reports. Sotomayor intended to make the speech last year, but the whole being nominated as a Supreme Court justice thing got in the way.

- The college book rental industry is growing fast. reported that it raised $10 million in financing, the Wall Street Journal says. The company's revenue has grown 300 percent each year since its founding in 2005.

- A presenter at the American College Health Association's annual meeting said that alcohol consumption isn't a college or underage problem; it's a societal problem, the Inside Higher Education reports. Edward Ehlinger, director and chief health officer of Boynton Health Service at the University of Minnesota, told the crowd that efforts to reduce drinking on college campuses have failed, and that colleges need to work with the government and businesses to battle drinking on a larger cultural scale.

- A lot of Iraqi students are headed to the United States, the Chronicle of Higher Education reports. More than 200 students took advantage of a new Iraqi government program that offered chances to study in the U.S. with scholarships, and students are also headed to other countries, too.