Trail Mix: Today's College News

Stay up to date with what's happening in college news.

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Here are some interesting tidbits circulating in college news today:

- Summertime means summer jobs, or at least it used to. The New York Times reports that the job outlook for college students and teenagers isn't so rosy. U.S. News's Liz Wolgemuth wrote about why teens have more to blame than just the recession.

- Don't dig into your 401(k) to pay for college, the Philadelphia Inquirer's Harry Gross says.

- Medical students in Delhi, India, went on a hunger strike, demanding usable water, working elevators, and air conditioning in their living, working, and studying areas, the Hindu reports.

- Ever think about a bachelor's degree in funk? Renowned bassist Bootsy Collins, who played for James Brown, is starting an online program for aspiring bass players, the Chronicle of Higher Education reports.

- Internet cafes are closed in China. Why? Because prospective college students should be studying for their college-entrance exams, the Associated Press reports.

- The Wall Street Journal had an interesting story out this weekend about the tale of two Oklahoma City high schoolers. The article chronicles two students born into similar socioeconomic and ethnic situations and how they ended up on different paths—one to college, one not so sure.

- Kaplan College is all over the news after firing its president over a classroom flap. Dennis Manzo was dismissed following his response to a Kaplan professor's controversial rule that only English could be spoken in class. The Chronicle of Higher Education has more on the story.

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