Living With History at College ... Literally

Does your dorm room have a famous resident in its past?


As a young, bright-eyed freshman at the illustrious University of Pittsburgh, Paper Trail told everyone that his dorm room formerly housed Pitt football god Dan Marino. Of course, there was no legitimacy to the claim. But in a great New York Times blog post, several students can legitimately claim some historic digs.

The Times caught up with the most recent resident of Michelle Obama's old single at Princeton. Andrew Gross beat out a friend for the room and spent the past year there.

"I've been hoping she would stop by for old-times' sake," said Gross tells the Times.

Who knows, maybe it's time to start looking into the history of that 8-by-10 box you call home. And hey, if you have a cool story about your dorm, let us know.

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