Ann Curry's Wheaton Flub Goes Viral

"Today" anchor listed the wrong alumni in her graduation speech at Wheaton College in Massachusetts.


You have to feel for Ann Curry. The Today show anchor made a serious flub in her commencement speech at Wheaton College in Norton, Mass., this past weekend. Curry ran through some names of Wheaton's most famous alumni during one part of her speech. The problem? She named a few grads from the Wheaton College in Illinois. Oops.

But Paper Trail empathizes with Curry. Paper Trail's big sister is a Wheaton College (Mass.) alum, and Paper Trail constantly gets asked which Wheaton College. Nonetheless, Curry has apologized profusely for her mistake and the school is OK with it, the Associated Press reports. It's clear that Curry is still sick over the mistake. One report even mentioned that Curry, who is usually an active Twitter user, hasn't posted many comments since her mistake on Saturday.

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"I am mortified by my mistake," she wrote in her apology letter, "and can only hope the purity of my motive, to find a way to connect with the graduates and encourage them to a life of service, will allow you to forgive me."

For what it's worth, Wheaton was nothing short of supportive of Curry. The small liberal arts school said it accepted Curry's "heartfelt and genuine" apology. That, of course, came after the school edited the transcript of Curry's speech so that it didn't include her mistakenly listing Rev. Billy Graham, former Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert, and movie director Wes Craven as grads of the Wheaton in Massachusetts.

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