How to Graduate ... and Break a Guinness World Record

Washington University in St. Louis has a unique graduation party.

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It wasn't enough that the class of 2010 is graduating from a prestigious university like Washington University in St. Louis this week. The 710 members of the new graduating class broke a Guinness World Record a few days before commencement, too.

On Sunday, the graduates gathered and received massages, breaking the Guinness Record for longest human shoulder massage chain, Student Life reports. The previous record was a measly 617 people, held by some folks in Canada. The event was organized by the Senior Class Council.

"We thought breaking a world record would be a fun and interactive way to bring everyone together," Senior Class President Fernando Cutz tells Student Life.

For the record to be official, the chain had to last for at least three minutes, the report says. Cutz counted down on a megaphone for the crowd to ensure they'd surpass the previous mark. There was a Guinness photographer and 15 independent judges on hand to watch the record-breaking event.

"Originally, we were going to do one where we would put Mentos inside Coke bottles and explode them, but we decided that wasn't interactive enough. We thought [a massage chain] would be a more fun, more interactive thing to do," Cutz tells Student Life.

Sounds like Cutz got his wish, and a relaxing shoulder rub, too.

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