Napolitano Faces Criticism at Pomona College Commencement

Protesters descend upon Pomona College for Janet Napolitano's graduation speech.

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Janet Napolitano can't catch a break these days. Life is tough as the secretary of Homeland Security. And the former Arizona governor's immigration policies are catching some flak, too.

Protesters made their presence felt this weekend at Pomona College, where Napolitano gave the commencement address, the Los Angeles Times reports. The activists say that Napolitano wants to expand the Bush administration's immigration policies, and that the secretary supports a program that the demonstrators say allow authorities to arrest people on a "pretextual basis and violate due process rights." As Napolitano spoke, the protesters shouted, "Si, se puede"—the Spanish version of the 2008 Obama presidential campaign slogan, "Yes We Can."

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"I'm pretty sure she heard our message," one protester tells the Times. "We denounce any discriminatory law."

According to the Times, silent counterprotesters stood across the street from the activists, holding American flags and signs that supported Arizona's new immigration policy.

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