Inside Colgate's Interactive Yearbook

Web yearbook shows Google Map of graduates and details postgrad plans.


In a time when Facebook faces increasing pressure for its privacy issues, Colgate University is offering a new way to keep in touch with old classmates. It's an interactive yearbook, and it looks like a fun way to avoid the perils of keeping up with classmates via social media.

The yearbook page features a Google Map that pinpoints the location of the graduates, popup blurbs about each graduate's future plans or current jobs, and even some video interviews with a handful of grads. The blurbs just have simple info: Name, hometown, current status (looking for work, in graduate school, or place of employment), and current location. Some students submitted photos, too.

Colgate University has been doing this particular project since 2008, Colgate's Director of Web Content Tim O'Keeffe says. Seniors can opt into the program through the school's alumni site and they can continue to update their blurbs and information as they go along. O'Keeffe says the interactive yearbook has been a nice tool so far.

"We really hope it's another way to extend ourselves in the Colgate community and stay in touch with our graduates," O'Keeffe says.

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