Gnome Burglary Rattles Popular Yale Dorm

In dorm vs. dorm antics, a nearly 300-pound mascot went missing in a stunning display of thievery.

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Phew, that was a close call. There was a chance that a chunk of Yale University's student body wouldn't be able to function for some time if a popular dorm's mascot hadn't been returned. 

The giant, nearly 300-pound gnome that represents Davenport, which the Yale Daily News calls Yale's most popular dorm, has finally returned home, the Daily News reports. But the most exciting part of the story was how the gnome went missing in the first place. 

The gnome was stolen from Davenport's dining hall early on Wednesday morning. The suspects—six to eight students from Davenport's rival dorm, Pierson—then placed the gigantic gnome on Pierson's roof. 

In response to the gnome's disappearance, Davenport inundated Pierson's E-mailing list with spam, demanding the gnome's safe and sound return. It worked—Pierson's E-mail service crash in 15 minutes. 

The tit-for-tat cooled what had been warming relations between two of Yale's most well-known dormitories. 

"I don't know if anything is going to happen" in terms of revenge, one Davenport student tells the Daily News. "Our dining hall staff is really upset and wants us to do something," she joked. "If we did anything, it wouldn't be a big deal. We wouldn't steal anything from Pierson because there's nothing to steal there." 

Stay tuned. This might just be heating up. 

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