Student President Stabbed at California University

Cal State--Chico's student president was attacked while walking home on Sunday morning.


California State University—Chico Student President Joseph Igbineweka was walking home on Sunday night when two men allegedly approached him with malicious intentions. Igbineweka says the duo started shouting racial slurs at him and harassed him as he tried to walk away. 

That's when an altercation broke out. Igbineweka says he fought off one of the men, but the other assailant attacked Igbineweka with a knife. The 23-year-old student president, born in Nigeria, was stabbed multiple times, the Orion reports. Igbineweka suffered wounds on his neck, chest, abdomen, and arm, but he is expected to be OK. 

Police and Igbineweka's university, which is in northern California, are calling the attack a hate crime. A suspect was arrested a few blocks away and charged with attempted murder and a hate crime. The incident has stirred the community and caught national attention. 

"While violent crimes happen in this and other communities, this is very disturbing," Chico State Spokesman Joe Wills tells CNN. Igbineweka "is very well known in the local community. This is a hate crime and a very big deal." 

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