Mr. Campus Freshman Contest Ruffles Feathers at Wellesley

A competition to find America's sexiest freshman in college offended students at one school.


So, a wesbite called Her Campus, which describes itself as an "online magazine for college women," started a contest. The competition is called Mr. Campus Freshman, and its goal is to the find the "sexiest, smartest, silliest" first-year male college kid among the 20 or so colleges affiliated with Her Campus.

It's a straightforward idea. And it's angered one school's student body. Wellesley College, one of the members of Her Campus, is up in arms over the contest. With transgendered students on campus, Wellesley bristled at Her Campus's request that the Massachusetts school nominate a male from outside the school, the Boston Globe reports.

"I thought it was offensive the Wellesley community could not be represented by any of its transgender community or a woman," one Wellesley student tells the Globe. "I do find it offensive that I need to be represented by a guy. It really just doesn't make any sense. On face value, it's a ridiculous assumption."

Meanwhile, Her Campus Founder Stephanie Kaplan says the contest isn't meant to offend anyone.

We ran this contest never intending to offend anyone, Kaplan tells the Globe. Our mission is to serve college women, we never meant to exclude or offend anyone.

As the story says, Her Campus reopened the nomination process when it found out about Wellesley's complaints. The winner will be decided on Saturday, April 3. Crisis averted (we think).

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