Student Arrest in Classroom Caught on Tape

A UW–Milwaukee student apparently went too far in an argument with a professor.


We can't believe we missed this story here at Paper Trail. But it is so viral (how viral is it?) that we have to talk about it. It's already been mentioned by the Chronicle of Higher Ed and the Washington Post's great college news blog, Campus Overload. And, of course, the hometown paper has at least a blog post about it.

A student at University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee was arrested—in class—last week. And the ordeal was caught on tape and posted on YouTube. The video has more than 465,000 views. (Don't say we didn't warn you: The video contains strong language.)

The incident started when the student, identified by the Milwaukee Sentinel as Robyn Foster, argued with her professor over an exam question. Multiple reports say the student refused to leave the classroom at the professor's request. Things escalated, and she allegedly threw a water bottle at a classmate. The video on YouTube picks up the tail end of the argument and the student's arrest by three campus police officers.

It's a shame that it happened. As the Milwaukee Sentinel's coverage says, cooler heads could have prevailed. We're just glad a "Don't tase me, bro" incident was averted.

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