NYU Plans Huge Expansion

Who cares if it’s in an already packed city? NYU is expanding.

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Paper Trail was in New York City a few weeks ago and had trouble finding any standing room, so it's kind of surprising that New York University has found 6 million square feet in the Big Apple to expand its campus.

NYU plans to build a new tower and scores of classrooms, dorms, and offices, the New York Times reports. The university also wants to build a new engineering school in Brooklyn and a satellite campus on Governors Island, just off the coast of Lower Manhattan. It would be the largest expansion in school history.

The urban school's goal is to compete with the top universities in the country for premier students, money, and prestige. The move will also accommodate a growing student body, the report says. Still, the city must approve the school's ambitious plans before any ground is broken.

"They've been deliberate and thoughtful," one city official tells the Times. "That doesn't mean it's all going to go exactly as they intended. There's lots of opportunity for discussion here."

The number of students living in NYU housing tripled from 1991 to 2001, the report says, and NYU expects to have about 46,000 students by 2031, an increase of 5,000 from its current enrollment.

"For New York to be a great city, we need NYU to be a great university," NYU President John Sexton tells the Times. "We need the space to run our academic programs: to have the faculty that teach in these programs, to have the students who attend these programs, to create not only carriers of knowledge but ambassadors of New York for the future."

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