Check Out Our March Madness Coverage

With the NCAA Tournament around the corner, we’ve got all kinds of good stuff.

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It's the time of year when everyone tunes into college basketball. You know, when people like me spend hours reading statistics and reports about the seventh man on a No. 12 seed in the West Region of the NCAA Tournament, only to lose in the bracket pools to the coworker or friend who picks teams based on colors and mascots. It's the three-week period that makes you feel clueless after watching basketball every night for five months.

Yes, it's March Madness time.

And with that, we've got all kinds of goodies for you throughout the coming weeks. We broke down each conference by academic ranking, based on our America's Best Colleges rankings. We even matched up the regional brackets of the NCAA Tournament and included the rankings information for the 65 teams lucky enough to play in the best event in the world (in Paper Trail's humble opinion). If you want to see all of our content for March Madness, just check out our March Madness page, which is packed with rankings, brackets, stories, and commentary. Later this week, we'll have a podcast featuring an interview with University of Kansas star Cole Adrich. Also, we'll have some trivia about the 65 teams in the tourney.

Between your frenetic erasing of your bracket picks, peruse our stuff. It's worth your time.

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