Undie Run at UCLA Could Make a Comeback

It’s a stress-relieving sprint—in underwear—that students love and administrators hate.

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UCLA students might be getting a new school event similar to an Undie Run back on campus. The Undie Run is an exam week "tradition" that allows students to run around campus in their underwear before stopping at a meeting point and having a party. It's meant to be a stress reliever for students.

Last June, the famous (or is it infamous?) Undie Run was canceled because of the cost of repairs, safety concerns, and the presence of non-UCLA participants, the Daily Bruin says. But students had their own "underground" version of the run in the fall anyway, and they're planning to have another one on March 17.

Now, a student representative at UCLA says there's a chance students can have an official Undie Run—but only if the underground runs avoid trouble, the Daily Bruin reports. Administration officials warned that if students' actions are problematic, the university won't be interested in developing an official Undie Run—or any similar event—for the spring, the report says.

"If these underground Undie Runs continue, while good-hearted, it is never going to become what it could become if we simply work with the administration on this and make an event that makes everyone happy and keeps students safe," UCLA Undergraduate Students Association Council General Representative Addison Huddy tells the Daily Bruin.

According to the Daily Bruin, Huddy and USAC Facilities Commissioner Timothy Mullins have been working with the school's events office to come up with a school-sponsored event that satisfies both students and the administration. While Huddy and Mullins wouldn't give details about the event to the Daily Bruin, they did confirm that the occasion will allow students to be in their underwear.

"I know it's frustrating that Undie Run has not returned," Mullins tells the Daily Bruin. "We understand and embrace [the students'] passion for the event, and in the end, we are working as hard as we can to bring out a happy resolution."

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