Syracuse Student Redefines Dorm Comfort

Entrepreneurial instincts help student invent more comfortable dorm chairs.

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If the whole freedom/not being a criminal thing weren't a factor, dormitory rooms would regularly be compared to prison cells. The carpet, if there is one, is gross. The walls are just plain boring. The beds are uncomfortable. And the chairs are rigid. A Syracuse University student came up with a remedy for at least one part of the uncomfortable digs. 

Ryan Dickerson created the Rylaxer, a bolster—not a pillow—that shapes to your body and maximizes comfort, the Daily Orange reports. The story says the Rylaxer can turn your bed into a couch and support your back, which was a main reason Dickerson thought of the product. 

"After sitting in that chair for a semester and trying to sit on my bed for a semester, I developed lower back problems," Dickerson, now a junior majoring in economics, tells the Daily Orange. "My back was always hurting, and I needed to come up with a way to make it so I didn't have to change my lifestyle in order to be comfortable. So, I changed my living environment. I just didn't want to have to sacrifice comfort in my own home if there was a way to solve it." 

Dickerson sold 16 Rylaxers after working with a futon specialist in the summer of 2008. As the Daily Orange points out, Dickerson was featured in Inc. magazine's Cool College Startups . (Click through the slide show for more innovative college ideas). 

Now, if only someone could invent something similar for corporate offices across the world. Leave it to always-thinking college kids to start a comfort craze like this. 

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