Maryland Students Go Berserk After Win Against Duke

Their Terps beat Duke, so Maryland students had some out-of-control fun after the game.

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Apparently there was a basketball game in College Park, Md., last night. A big one that prompted massive riots and a whole lot of ruckus.

It's true, the University of Maryland upended fourth-ranked Duke University at the Comcast Center last night. The win puts the Terrapins in a first-place tie with Duke's Blue Devils in the Atlantic Coast Conference. Students poured out into the streets of College Park and starting shouting, hooting, and hollering, the Diamondback reports. Then, the celebration got out of hand, and police in riot gear showed up.

According to the report, police had trouble clearing the thousands of students in the streets who were "yelling, dancing, and throwing things." Police used pepper spray and even called in helicopters to help with the escalating situation. Eventually, an armored car and police paddy wagons arrived, and officers arrested an unknown number of students. There were no injuries reported.

"We were hopeful it wouldn't happen, that they would come out and celebrate in another way, but we prepared for that case, and it did happen," University of Maryland Police spokesman Paul Dillon tells the Diamondback. "Apparently, a regular season win over the No. 4 team allows thousands of people to come out and block roadways and start fires—and that's disappointing, to say the least."

What's the saying—"Act like you've been there"? It's safe to apply that one to this situation, isn't it? After all, Maryland does have one more national title than Duke since 2002.

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