State Patty’s Day Weekend Overwhelmingly Breaks Arrests Record

Penn State police report more arrests at this year’s event than the past two events—combined.

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Last week, Penn State University officials asked students to tone it down during this year's State Patty's Day weekend, a period full of drinking and partying two weeks ahead of the actual St. Patrick's Day. It's safe to say the students paid absolutely no attention to the administration's pleas.

The Daily Collegian reports that 160 partyers were arrested this past weekend. That's more arrests than were made during the previous two State Patty's Day weekends combined. Must have been a big weekend in State College.

"The trend seems to be going the wrong way," State College Police Capt. Dana Leonard tells the Daily Collegian. "Everything is upward trending in the past three years--calls are up, alcohol overdoses are double. It's a disturbing three-year trend."

More than half of the arrests involved non-Penn State students or visitors, the report says. Penn State had hoped the "resistance from community and Penn State officials" would keep numbers down. It didn't.

"This was just a selfish, dangerous event with no merit that caused ill will in the town, cost a lot of resources, time and money, and took away from real security and safety needs," Lisa Powers, a Penn State spokeswoman, tells the Daily Collegian. "It's a shame."

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