Penn State Warns About Safety at State Patty’s Day

As popular weekend party approaches, administration grits its teeth.


The fourth annual State Patty's Day party is fast approaching. This weekend, Penn State University students will participate in an unofficial party a few weeks ahead of St. Patrick's Day. When you combine Penn State's No. 1 ranking as a party school with the biggest drinking day in America, it grays the hair of school administrators.

In preparation for the weekend, Penn State wants its students to be careful, the Daily Collegian reports. One dean asked students to "bring no disrepute to yourself or to our institution." Last year, the event generated more alcohol-related trips to the emergency room, arrests for driving under the influence, and other alcohol-related criminal activity than any other weekend at Penn State, the Philadelphia Inquirer adds.

College of Health and Human Development Dean Nan Crouter tells the Daily Collegian that a student's death in the fall played a significant role in her pleading with students to be careful.

"The whole issue of overdrinking has been on my mind this year," Crouter says. "Many of us were saddened to hear about the first-year student that we lost. I've been thinking about him a lot. Maybe that's why I decided to pick up the virtual pencil."

We'll report back after the weekend to let you know how the party unfolded.

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