The Hoff Goes to Tucson

David Hasselhoff stops by Arizona’s flagship university.

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He's one of my childhood heroes, and he's probably one of yours, too. He's David Hasselhoff, and he graced the University of Arizona with his presence on Wednesday. 

Hasselhoff entertained a class and filmed part of a reality show that's set to air in June on A&E, the Daily Wildcat reports. He addressed a psychology class—one that his daughter, an Arizona undergrad, took in 2008—­and spoke about topics from his personal life and his professional life. And he sang a little bit, too. After all, the Hoff does a little bit of everything. 

"It was really good. I am actually going to follow up on it in the following class to really link it back to the course," Dana Narter, the adjunct lecturer who teaches the class, tells the Daily Wildcat.

"He did sing," Narter adds. "He sang a little snippet from a Broadway show that he was in. He mentioned that he was in Jekyll and Hyde on Broadway." 

Some 400 students surrounded Hasselhoff after class, asking for autographs, pictures, and more, the report says. How's that for a psychology lecture? 

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