George Washington Makes Acceptance Blunder

Accidental E-mail tells students that they’ve been accepted to GW when they really haven’t.

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High school students spend the better part of their secondary education worrying about college. They take specific courses, load up on extracurriculars, volunteer all over creation, and prepare like crazy for college-entrance exams. In other words, the college admissions process is a big deal.

That's why some George Washington University applicants are understandably upset that the school rejected them, then accidentally E-mailed them an acceptance message, and then rescinded the acceptance message. George Washington officials say there were "less than 200" applicants affected by the school's boneheaded mistake, the GW Hatchet reports, some of whom were early decision applicants.

A quick apology in the form of an E-mail sent to the students who received the accidental acceptances said,"This afternoon, you received an E-mail from me titled 'Important GW Information.' Unfortunately, this E-mail was sent to you in error. We are truly sorry for this confusion regarding your application to GW."

The Hatchet spoke to one early decision applicant who was devastated by the chain of events. 

"Someone probably thought someone died," Elana Jacobson, a high school senior from Florida, tells the Hatchet. "I was sitting in the middle of the hallway crying my eyes out. It was confusing—I didn't know if I was in the school, rejected, accepted, or deferred." 

GW's smooth move isn't the first of its kind. Paper Trail reported a similar mistake at the University of California–San Diego last year. Instead of sending an acceptance letter to just the admitted students, UCSD sent the message to everyone who applied, including more than 28,000 students who had already been rejected. Oops. 

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