Sex Edition Cover in Pitt Newspaper Turns Heads

Around Valentine’s Day, sex education events flood campuses. One student paper tried something new.

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We talked about Yale's Sex Week back on February 5. Valentine's Day is a common time to have sexual and relationship awareness programs running on campuses across the nation.

In Pittsburgh, there was a new layer to the events on campus: an eye-catching cover of the student newspaper's "Sex Edition," a special version of the Pitt News that covered all aspects of relationships, love, and sex. Pitt News Photo Editor Vaughn Wallace says the cover is the first of its kind at the student paper, and it has attracted plenty of attention. Much of the attention seems to be positive.

"The models in the photograph are all college students who volunteered to participate in the shoot," Wallace writes in a post on "Each character roughly corresponds to an aspect of college sexuality and an accompanying story in Friday's issue."

But the newspaper's special edition wasn't just meant to be eye-catching. There's hope that like Yale's Sex Week, the Sex Edition at Pitt will spawn conversations and dialogue. Pitt News Managing Editor Erik Hinton said in an editorial that the importance of the Sex Edition was clear, explaining that "modern society is at a place where one can no longer deny that questions of sexuality need to be asked."

It's nice to see student bodies approaching the subject. Condom maker Trojan has issued reports each of the past four years on sexual education awareness on campuses, and newspaper special editions and entire weeks dedicated to discussing the topic will certainly help.

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