Obama to Attend Duke-Georgetown Hoops

It’s the toughest ticket in town this weekend, and the president has one.

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Paper Trail has been thinking about going to the big Duke University-Georgetown University basketball game on Saturday for months. Tickets on StubHub—as of Friday morning, about 24 hours before the game—started at $124 a pop, so it looks like your favorite blogger will stay home and watch on television. Needless to say, it's the toughest ticket in town this weekend.

But that won't stop Barack Obama from showing up. That's right: Our president will be in attendance to watch the No. 7 Hoyas host the No. 8 Blue Devils at the Verizon Center in downtown Washington, the Hill reports. We had heard rumors that Obama was going, and the Hill report finally confirms it, although the White House has not confirmed the president's plans.

[Read the expanded Whispers coverage of the story.]

The game will raise money for education programs in Darfur, a civil-war-ravaged region of the Sudan, the report says. NBA star Tracy McGrady (can we still call him a star?) will also be in attendance, along with several dignitaries. Obama caught a George Washington-Oregon State game earlier this year. Of course, his brother-in-law coaches Oregon State, but still, Saturday wouldn't be the first time 44 stepped out of the office for some hoops.

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