Texas College Newspaper Will Be First to Publish on iPad

Abilene Christian University will be on the iPad in 60 days, when the gadget comes out.


I'm not entirely sure which topic got more buzz yesterday: the introduction of Apple's iPad or President Obama's State of the Union address. Either way, it was pretty clear which one's buzz will last longer: the iPad. Everyone's talking about the tablet computer designed to compete with the Kindle.

Abilene Christian University's student newspaper, the Optimist, hoping to capitalize on the buzz, will be the first student publication to publish using the iPad, the Optimist reports. The gadget will be available in 60 days, and a team of faculty and student researchers is planning for the Optimist to be ready by then. The Optimist wants to expand its reach on campus, where it already publishes a print and an online product in addition to making content available via an iPhone application.

"This is yet another opportunity for our students to make use of a cutting-edge delivery system—the third version of mobile media delivery we have pioneered," Cheryl Bacon, chair of Abilene Christian's Department of Journalism and Mass Communication, said in a release.

"We pay close attention to the way young people consume news," Kenneth Pybus, faculty adviser of the Optimist, said in the same release. "They tend to use all the tools at their disposal to get information. With the iPad, we foresee the potential for an explosion in news consumption."

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